how to have more self confidence

A common factor in so many women today, is the lack of confidence.  This is something I lacked for most of my 20's, but when I turned 30 something changed.  I was living abroad at the time, going through an extremely traumatic situation and learning a lot about myself.  I needed an outlet and that's when this blog was born.  As time went on, this baby of mine, actually taught me that my talent was right inside, I just needed to embrace it.

I struggle with keeping my self-confident attitude everyday, it's a constant work in progress.  The real key in staying confident is knowing you are.  Once you truly take the time to understand you, your feelings, your goals, your inner thoughts, you will learn to practice self-love.  When you love yourself, it doesn't really matter what obstacles come your way because you will have the confidence to overcome them.

"You had the power all along my dear."
                   - Glinda the Good Witch

Then once you are on top of your game, you get a little monthly visitor that throws on the boxing gloves and might just kick you back down to the ground, cramps and all.  Here are 5 ways to stay confident and feel your best when it's that time of the month...

Positive thoughts go a long way.  As women we tend to to get even more dramatic when our hormones are up and down.  Stay in control of your emotions and don't let them get the best of you.

No matter how bad you feel physically or emotionally, get out of bed, take a shower pull yourself together. Looking good will help you feel good.

Water, water and more water.  Keep those toxins flushed out. I'm also a big advocate of coconut water and can't say enough great things about it.  I prefer an all natural kind and I add it into my daily routine, as it helps with inflammation and bloating.  Eat vitamin-rich foods to boost your brain and help replenish. Last, but certainly not least, if you're going to eat chocolate pick a darker chocolate and don't inhale it all. ...baby bites.

When it's that time, we tend to tense up from the pain, so stay in the moment and remember to keep your muscles relaxed.  Deep breaths. Yoga and stretching are a great way to help you feel better while boosting your inner confidence. Mediate and stay grateful for on all the positive things in your life.

Since I suffer from endometriosis, some months are absolutely unbearable and my work sometimes gets put on hold.  I try to keep an open and positive mind and look at it as a "mini break" instead.  This is a time when I will bust out the glue, scissors, glitter, rhinestones and make a total mess, but it helps me to stay focused on something and makes me happy!

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