The life of a Fashion Blogger...

every fashion blogger must haves

I decided to share my secrets for keeping my head cleared and the creative process flowing. Do you think the life of a fashion blogger is full of jet-setting, party hopping and shopping? Ok, well it is. But, not always. I have plenty of busy days packed full of high-profile events but for most of the time I'm frantically typing away. So here are my must-haves:

1. fashionable computer.
2. post-it notes for all my random ideas.
3. comfy pj's and warm slippers during the chilly weather.
4. a good deskchair so my bum doesn't go numb!
5. MUSIC, MUSIC and more MUSIC!(chair dancing is a must!)
6. my phone (seriously, what did we used to do without cell phones?)
7. a cute bag for carrying around all my fab finds!
8. Fashion Magazines for research and inspiration.
9. a sweet tea cup to drink out of.
10. beautiful stationary.
11. a journal with an inspirational quote, "Live, Love, & Life".
12. notebook for more planning my day.
13. LOTS of colored markers for doodling!
14. stylish camera. I cannot live without it!
15. sweet-smelling candle. To help me relax...ahhhh....

So now you know the truth. I don't sit behind this desk with a ball gown and stilettos on. I usually wear my favorite striped pajama pants, sip my tea and rock out to my ipod! Life isn't bad as a blogger. It beats time cards and a cubicle any day.