Lilo bombs at Ungaro show (of course)

YIKES! I interrupt my regular scheduled programming to report this disastrous story of Lindsey Lohan bombing at the Emanuel Ungaro show in Paris yesterday. Holy Hearts Batman! I was actually embarrassed by seeing this collection. But then again, can you expect anything less when you hand it over to Lilo? What were they thinking?!

In my second reference to Doc Brown this week, the moment I laid eyes on this one my mind said," Where we're going, we don't need pants!". (as he flips his sunglasses back down.)

Nipple pasties? Really? Come on!

Apparently a gazillion hearts just weren't enough. They had to go and smack one right in the middle of these poor girls' forehead! Now, that's fashionable. (excuse me while I vomit.)
all runway photos by Imaxtree

This collection reminded me of an updated version of the days when Stacey Dash wore a lampshade on her head, before Brittany Murphy got it on with Eminem, when my crush started on Paul Rudd and long before Alicia Silverston started going nude for Peta ads!

Good God, Emanuel Ungaro! Grab the reins, fire Lilo and go back to producing fabulous fashion!