The Brag Company

Have you ever traveled somewhere and when you went to pick up your bag you discovered a lovely little  note from the airline informing you that your "unmentionables" had just been violated?  I have, too many times.  This always happens when I travel internationally and to know that someones grubby paws had touched my things, always makes me a bit uneasy.  I recently discovered The Brag Company, luggage for your lingerie!  Genius!

I just received this Bra Bag & Panty Pak in tosca to try out.  They are too cute!  The material is very durable and I just adore how dainty and pretty they are.  Next time I travel, my lingerie will also be traveling in style!

Stay tuned for a special Black Friday discount code, just in time for the holidays AND a chance to WIN your choice of your own Bra Bag & Panty Pak in my 2nd Annual  "24 Days of Holiday Giveaways!" starting Dec.1!