To my loyal readers and fabulous sponsors...

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of your love, support, comments and feedback, this past year.  When I started this blog almost 3 years ago, I never imagined it would take over my life and become my #1 addiction.  But it's a healthy one, that's for sure!  

2010 has been a very rocky year for me.  From planning a wedding to a breakup, moving 6,000 miles, hitting rock bottom and having surgery this past week.  Stylist Diva has been my sanity.  When I say Thank You, I truly mean it.  My job may sound glamorous but we are all human and as women we are just trying to make our way is this big world.  The new year is just around the corner and I know it can only get better!  This will be my first Christmas home after living abroad over the past 4 years, so I will be taking some much needed time off.

Don't worry though, because in the meantime starting tomorrow, Dec.1 through Dec. 24, my 2nd Annual "24 Days of Holiday Giveaways!" will commence, giving all of you a chance to win something fabulous everyday, my tiny way to say Thank You for being you!

I will be back Dec. 27th when I will return with some New Year's goodies!  
May you all have a warm, safe and fun-filled holiday!

All my love,