GLAM & PHILIPS Spring Blogger Event

On Friday I attended the spring fashion & beauty blogger event from Glam Network & Philips.  The morning was filled with chatter as we made new friends and listened to the beautiful & sweet Alessandra Ambrosio, talk about the Satin Perfect by Philips.  Alessandra is the spokesperson, and really who better to demonstrate how to properly epilate your legs than someone with legs up to their ears!  

After I was done drooling over her Jimmy Choo heels, I asked her what the highlights of her career have been so far and she couldn't chose just one moment.  In general she enjoys all the traveling she gets to do and seems humbled to have modeled for Guess, currently working with Philips and of course what we all know her for, strutting her stuff and her 30+lb. encrusted wings on the Victoria's Secret runway. Alessandra is a fan of Versace, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and never wears black, especially on the red carpet.  I was inspired by her beauty regimen (coconut water!), genuine personality and after I drop a few pounds I may just  have to rid my closet of some black myself.

Over the weekend I dug into my gift bag and actually had the courage to try my new Satin Perfect, and I'm pleased to say it's wasn't as painful as I expected.  Have you ever used an epilator? I hadn't and was a bit skeptical of trying it.  Yes, there is a bit of a pinch but being waxed isn't the most pleasant thing in the world either.There are some things in life, like my beauty routine, that I never really think to change, but now I have.  

(I swear the photographer told us to do our 'model' face, apparently I was the only one...cheeseball indeed)

 Elle, Lauren, myself, Oren & Romy enjoying a lovely breakfast with signature Satin Perfectini 
(pomegranate & blueberry cosmo) 'morning' cocktail. It was the perfect start to a great weekend!

Mommy-to-be, Alessandra hosted a fashion show styled by Inge Fonteyne with the bold, neon color trend this season from shops featured at The Grove.  I'm loving how Inge tied the scarf around the waist, so cute!