On Trend: Fur Hats

Apparently I was on trend, before there was even a trend of tall, Marge Simpson-like fur hats and didn't even know it. I thought it was appropriate to at least acknowledge that us Stylists and Bloggers are not always the most fashionable.  No, our jobs aren't always beautiful and glamorous as some may think.  We are real, everyday women who enjoy hitting a theme park (without any makeup), indulging in cotton candy, while pretending we're 10 years old again.  Oh yeah, we also like to play dress up.

Laughter is what keeps me sane.  It's what keeps me going through these busy work periods. It cures all ailments, it's the cheapest form therapy around. Laughter is truly the key to my happiness. I hope I was able to send a chuckle or two out into the universe through my everyday silliness. Happy Monday!

{image: portraits of elegance}