I was recently introduced to NeriumAD® from a friend and was pleasantly surprised with the product and results so far!  I've just started my nightly routine and As I get older and deal with the everyday stress I'm not too happy with what it does to my skin, so I'm excited to see how it can help me and hopefully gain back a little more confidence.

NeriumAD® Age-Defying Treatment is a skin care range known for its antioxidant properties and harnessed the power of the unique nerium oleander plant.  Scientists discovered the oleander extracts to have miraculous results on your skin, both naturally and safely, as it's been used for centuries as a medical herb.

The older I get and the more stress I deal with, it takes a nasty toll on my skin.  Quite honestly, I love makeup, but if I had my way I would just have such perfect skin I wouldn't need to wear any. I can only imagine how much time every week I would save... I deal with clients all the time and although my inner confidence shines, when my face isn't looking so great, it makes me feel extremely insecure. Can you relate?  I've just started my nightly routine and I'm excited to see the results, so stay tuned!

Clinical trials of NeriumAD® have showed results in the following:
Fine Lines + Wrinkles
Enlarged Pores
Uneven Skin Texture
Aging or Sun Damaged Skin

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