If you dream of having your very own beautifully, organized closet, let me help your wishes come true!  No matter what your budget is, or how big your closet is you can still create a chic boutique style space to store your duds.  

Here are some easy spring cleaning tips on creating your dream closet...



1.) Before you begin, head over to Target and/or The Container Store to purchase hangers, containers and pretty, patterned storage boxes. These will come in handy when you start to sort. Don't forget a pretty colored sharpie and labels too!

2.) Set aside 2-4 hours to attack a small closet or 4-6 hours to wrestle a walk-in!

3.) If you can convince your best friend to come over and make it an event, that’s even better! Whether she helps or just laughs at your old 80’s hypercolor shirts, it’s all worth it. So turn on Spotify and let’s start!

4.) If it hasn’t been worn in over a year and it’s not sentimental, sensational, vintage or special occasion.. 
DUMP it, SELL it or DONATE it. If you have been a size 12 for 5 years STOP holding on to those size 8 jeans! If you lose weight then you can treat yourself to a brand new pair and if you stay the same size then stop torturing yourself! You are beautiful no matter what size you are!

5.) Ready? Take everything that's not on a hanger out of your closet. As you remove each item, sort it into one of 6 piles:
  • KEEP: Only if they fit, are in good condition and you actually wear it.
  • TRASH: If it’s stained, old, ratty, out of style and UGLY…DUMP it.
  • SELL: Good condition but you just don't like anymore, cash is good for new fresh pieces.
  • DONATE: Charities always need donations in various styles and sizes. Do your part.
  • PROJECTS: That LBD that's missing a button, Sew it, Make it work.
  • STORAGE: Pack up those winter sweaters and bring out the bright skirts and sandals!
6.) You should have nothing in your closet that is not currently wearable. Toss the spandex, overalls and your high school prom dress. If you haven't worn it in a year, and it's not designer, get rid of it. 

7.) SEPARATE. Color: from light to dark. Type: jackets, blouses, pants. Style: tank, long-sleeve, etc.

8.) Say NO to wire hangers. (but take them to the dry cleaner’s for recycling!) 

9.) Use padded hangers for your delicates and velvet hangers for everything else. I love the slim velvet hangers because they give you more room and helps from things falling off. 

10.) Place cute baskets in your closet and label for laundry, dry-cleaning and alterations/mending.

11.) Use double-hanging rods for shorter items.

12.) Get rid of dry cleaner plastic covers as they clutter up your closet.

13.) Store small loose items in drawer systems or pretty decorative bowls.

14.) Put purses and bags on shelves or hooks, organized inside your closet.

15.) Take shoes out of their original boxes. Use a shoe storage, or clear plastic boxes instead.

16.) Mix and Match.  Most pieces you keep should easily pair up with with something else: #OOTD

17.) Your closet is personal. Make it your ownPrettify it. Create your own space with your own style. Display your grandmother's gorgeous jewelry box.  If you are a hustler and are aiming to create your own empire, then add pieces that can motivate you and inspire you for the day, like a framed quote or dream board. 

18.) Congratulations on a job well done! Now take a hot bath, put on your favorite dress, go out and celebrate! The least you can do is treat you friend to dinner. She does have all of your fashion secrets to keep under wraps, ya know...

19.) When donating your gently used clothing, find your nearest Dress For Success and help build the confidence in a woman that truly needs to look and feel her best!

20.) Maintain your beautiful closet by repeating these steps every 6 months.  

                    Beautiful spaces to inspire you from fashion blogger, Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies 
                            and a sneak peek of Khloe Kardashian's never-ending shoe closet!

a girl can never have too many black shoes... Fashion Blogger, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

                                             Happy Organizing!  Have you cleaned your closet lately?  
                            I would love to hear some good closet stories and if you need any help, just ask!

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(images : Danish Fashion Blogger, Christina Dueholm of Passions for Fashionstylecaster, netrobe