aqua bendito swimwear campaign summer 2015

I love the idea that a "bikini body" is simply "a body that is wearing a bikini".  It's summer and we want to take a vacation to the beach or sit poolside with a Mai Tai in hand.  No matter if you have a flat stomach or hips and curves, let's get you dressed and ready for the water!

This isn't a post about what swimsuit fits you best.  This isn't a post about what to wear if you are pear shaped, apple shaped, lime shaped, watermelon shaped or banana shaped.  It's a post about 20 printed swimsuits that I happen to love, for everybody and their body type.

I'm very proud of women like Denise Bidot and Tess Holliday.  These ladies aren't both just plus size models, they are humbled, they are role models and they are changing the way society is viewing women. With hashtags, #effyourbeautystandards and #t, they are inspiring young women (and old like me) everyday across the globe.

Oprah magazine answer the question "Can I pull off a crop top?" with the advice "If (and only if!) you have a flat stomach."  I say, wear the crop top and wear the damn 2-piece!  If it fits and covers your nips and crack, then do it. Style is an extension of you and your personality, it's not about standards and rules.  Fashion should make you feel good.  If you feel good, you will be confident and confidence wins over style or size any f*cking day of the week.  

I've dressed some of the biggest celebrities throughout my career and I can promise you, even the most popular singer, model or actress has body issues. We are all human and we all have hangups.

I have curves. I have hips. My ass is round.  If you combine some of the above mentioned fruits all together, that's probably the body shape category I would fit in. Fruit bowl shaped.

So enjoy summer, hit the beach, take that weekend trip to Vegas (I will join you for drinks!), embrace who you are and just buy the suit, you fruit!