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I'm not one to usually talk about such personal matters on this blog, but when I was asked to review a particular feminine hygiene product, I felt the need to share my struggle.  This female "problem" isn't one that effects everyone, but after a tremendous amount of stress and a bit of aging (still in my 30's though!) it affects me everyday and prevents me from traveling to pretty places I dream of.  WARNING: Only females allowed please.

This topic I'm talking about is, bladder leakage. Good ole' lovely, stress urinary incontinence. It's embarrassing and super annoying.  At 38, I never thought I would consider actually wearing a diaper. Well, maybe the thought only stayed in my mind for a second or two, but I'm so tired of having to change my undergarments several times a day I was ready to throw on the adult diaper and call it quits.  I've been using a sanitary pad, but as I'm sure you know these aren't the most comfortable choice of feminine products on the planet either.  Over the past year, it's been even worse for me. The stress I've gone through lately has almost been unbearable and even my body is screaming for a vacation too. Since I'm not booking that trip to Italy yet, certain body parts have decided to rebel instead. So now I'm like an old, leaky faucet.  My bladder tortures me whenever it's in the mood. It's not just when I sneeze or cough either, because sometimes all it takes is for me to stand up. I just imagine my bladder is having a grand ole' party inside. Laughing at my expense because I haven't taken proper care of myself when the stress comes along.  So this is a gentle reminder to take better care of my mind, body and soul. When it rains, it pours (pun intended) and the anxiety is so overwhelming, I think I've been managing it well enough until I'm changing my clothes for the 3rd time in one day. I usually work from home and although it's easy to run into my room and take care of the issue, I wanted my freedom back so I can travel more and not have to think about bladder leakage.

Well, freedom is what I got! I headed over to Walmart and grabbed a Poise Impressa Bladder Supports Sizing Kit.  I wasn't sure what size to use so I started with a size 1, and it has worked ok, but decided to use the 2 and was just more comfortable with that one. The sizing is based on how much leakage you have, 1-3, 3 being the most. Impressa is an internal product, that you just insert like a tampon, very easy to use. You can find the kit on the feminine hygiene aisle and if you suffer too, I suggest to try it out.

Now I just leave the house with my bag packed with the essentials, Impressa included.

I have a feeling that I may not be the only one suffering from this annoying issue, but it's just something most women don't share publicly. I hope by sharing this it might help you get your freedom back too.

Next task, plan a trip to Italy.

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*this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Poise Impressa® Bladder Supports