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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wisdom Panel®

If you’re a regular reader here then you know how crazy I am about this four-legged beauty.  Lucy (sometimes known as Lu, Lulu-bug, Lucy-Lu or Lucy-Louboutin) who usually makes a regular appearance on my instagram is the love of my life. I found her running in traffic, I pulled over and got out, she ran past me and jumped in my backseat. The rest is history.

At the time I was already a dog mom for over 13 years to Abbie and since I was living in an apartment I didn’t want to get another dog until I had moved into a bigger place with a yard. But unfortunately I knew that Abbie wouldn’t be with me much longer, as she had cancer and her days were numbered.  Abbie was a very quiet and loving dog who was extremely lazy and (seemed to always look like a turtle while sleeping) I was sure she would get along with this other dog, but I was more concerned for what this stray might do to her instead.  I brought her in the house, they sniffed a bit, wagged their tails and I knew things would be ok.  My plan was to get her fed, cleaned up and immediately take her to the vet and have her scanned for a microchip.  Even though she clearly showed signs of neglect, I still needed to know if she had a home. After many days of vet and shelter visits and phone calls to local rescues, no one was able to take her, so I did the selfish thing I could and kept her for myself! It wasn’t me that rescued her, it was her that rescued me.

Lucy has simply been one the best dogs in the world.  She’s silly, she loves to cuddle and if it wasn’t for her, I honestly don’t think I would of made it through the pain and loss of Abbie. When you mostly work from home like I do, it’s also nice to have a buddy to go on walks with (or bother me for treats) and break up the day.

While getting her check-up and first set of shots, all the vet could tell me was that he was pretty sure she was a pitbull mix, so when I was approached to try the Wisdom Panel® Canine DNA Test I was super excited! I had no idea something like this even existed for dogs and I was ecstatic to find out the results!

The test and it was super easy to use. Lucy agrees.

I wasn’t sure if she would let me swab the inside of her cheek, but I was pleasantly surprised that she enjoyed her gum massage!
*what you can’t see is that I was laughing so hard I almost dropped the swab.

After you’re done, you let the swabs air dry for 5 minutes then put then in the sleeve and ship the pre-paid test back to the lab, quick and easy.

It turns out that Lucy is 50% American Staffordshire Terrier (commonly known as a pitbull), 12.5% Chow Chow, 12.5% Doberman Pinscher Mix and 25% Mixed Breed of both the Guard and Herding Group.  I’ve never had any experience with a Chow Chow, but my very first dog was a Doberman and he was amazing! Most people think they can tell the breeds in their dog by just looking at his or her physical traits, but that's not always the case. Visual identification even by professionals is only correct 25% of the time, so knowing 100% by the Wisdome Panel test is priceless.

 Her appearance and behavior is exactly as described, so no surprise, but so interesting to see. The screenings all came back clear and normal and there were no signs of disease in her genetic testing!  The Wisdom Panel tests use more than 1800 markers and draw from a 12,000+ breed sample database for a 90%+ accuracy. These tests have been used by more than 500,000 pet parents to find out their dog’s unique genetic make-up and breed heritage and the full test had over 13 pages of results and detailed findings. If I’m being totally honest with you, these results made me a bit emotional.  When you rescue a dog, you always wonder where they came from. It doesn't matter anymore that her first owner didn't realize how special she was, because I was able to step in and give her a loving home, and now I have this sense of ease knowing her history. I absolutely enjoyed learning Lucy's lineage and when I get another dog in the future I will use Wisdom Panel again.

Most days I love dogs more than humans, these many faces of Lucy might explain why...

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