Iridescent home decor? Yes, please! This past year I’ve been in utter and complete nesting mode. I’ve been in my new place for 9 months and I’m still implementing new pieces in every room. When you work from home and spend so much time in your space, it’s so important to make it feel comfy and filled with as many elements that reflect your personal style as possible. My motto when decorating is that if it doesn’t make my heart skip a beat then don’t buy it, but these iridescent home decor pieces almost made my heart stop! I’m obsessed with the shiny rainbow reflections and anywhere I can add in that extra pop of fun, I’m all in!


Hi, I'm Bree! Creative Director, Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist. I teach creative entrepreneurs and bloggers how to build their business like a boss!

Shop my blogger favorites and must-haves for this season in my personally curated online shop!  Budget-friendly pieces, with a few splurges thrown in the mix.  Toss out your drab wardrobe and have fun in a bold blazer, pick up a pretty pair of velvet pumps, be bold with your beauty picks!

influencer brand management

Are you a blogger, influencer or content creator feeling the pressure to maintain your brand. Wouldn’t you rather just focus on the creative process instead? We are here to make that happen! We focus on maintaining your brand image, implementing SEO, promoting your content and pitching you to brands to land sponsored partnerships. We manage your brand on up to 100 influencer networks and apply to campaigns and negotiate on your behalf. There are plenty of paid opportunities available, but we partner you up on the networks that we see best for your brand, depending on your niche, following and content. We manage influencers in both the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment industry to help optimize and monetize their brand.  As experts in the influencer industry with many great connections with networks, PR agencies and brands we’ve created over the years, we choose to work with influencers that don’t just have growth potential and high-quality content, but that are dedicated to their work.  


The life of a blogger is sometimes a lonely one. With so much information out there on how to write a blog or be a successful blogger, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with information. Whether you are a new blogger looking to learn how to start a blog or you are ready to stand out from the crowd, we can help. Having a blog coach will save you time, energy and many mistakes. We are dedicated in helping bloggers grow their blog and guiding them on their path to sustaining it to become the business you dreamed it could be. Learn how to optimize your blog, how to monetize your blog, how to pitch brands and land a sponsored campaigns, how to establish relationships with PR companies and brands, how to increase your instagram engagement and followers, how to grow your blog readership, how to create multiple income streams from advertising, sponsorships and affiliate links.

wardrobe STYList + costume designer

I'm a Las Vegas based Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Designer with over 23 years experience and over 75 productions under my belt. As a visual storyteller with a strong eye for detail,  I color inside the lines, but think outside the box.  Sprinkle in my killer sense of style, an ah-mazing creative team and a whole lotta' fun and together we will create a clear vision for your production to come to life!  My work has been featured in Vogue, AOL, Lucky Magazine, CBS News, Los Angeles Magazine, LA Times and NY Times.

TV, Film and Commercial Wardrobe Styling, Fashion Editorial and Celebrity Fashion Styling, Theatre/Stage Costume Design, Creative Direction, Headshot and Portfolio Portrait Photography, Prop Styling and Product Styling. Based in Las Vegas, contact me for rates and availability.