Crocs are the new black.

Fall is here and my blogging is slacking. I have been recovering from my trip over the past few days and enjoying every last minute of it! I promise to give you a nice, juicy post on Monday to make up for it. But, in the meantime I want to discuss a little something with all you lovely ladies.

Some may think that Crocs are ugly and tacky. I, on the other hand adore them. Yes, I am a stylist, Yes, I am a fashionista and Yes, I dress celebrities in my damn crocs! When you are on your feet 15-20 hours a day, there is no other way to go and perhaps you will reconsider them after feasting your eyes on these bad boys! In which also, by the way, while in London last week for LFW, while scooting around and shopping, I wore a pair! I can hear you gasping now. Stop it. Seriously! It's ridiculous how the media and fashion industry insists on brainwashing you to believe that if you aren't wearing 4 inch stilettos then you aren't fashionable. Fashion comes within. Yes, I drool when I see a new collection of Choo's, Louboutins' or Dior's, but you won't ever find me hitting the grocery store in them. Ladies, wake up and smell the sense of comfort! I applaud Crocs and thank them for stepping in the 21st century of style and comfort.

*And on another note, I will be the first to admit that I am beyond annoyed by Perez Hilton but I send kudos to him for strutting his stuff in a pair of comfy Crocs and getting caught by Dita Von Teese!*