Dear Santa...

This is it. The one present I can't get out of my mind. The one item that I imagine being hidden deep down in your red, velvet sack. The gorgeous bag I have dreamed of every single day for almost a year. The same bag I hold in my hands every time I pass it by in the store. The bag that I whisper to, telling it that I will see it soon. The same one that cries out to me as I leave it behind on the white shelf. I know you can fit it down the chimney. Don't worry that I don't have a chimney. I will build one out of legos and put in on top of the roof. I will even put flashing lights on it with a neon sign that reads, "STOP HERE". I will give Rudolph extra snacks. I will leave you a platter of cookies, ten inches high. Santa, I've been very, very good. I promise you I'm on your nice list and will stay on it the rest of my life if you deliver this under my tree Christmas morning.

With Love,

(Do you think his elves shop at Saks?)