More than just eye candy...

After two doctor's appointments and my water aerobic class last night, as well as walking through the first "mini" blizzard of the season I was beat and had no energy for a blog post. This morning wasn't much better... Can you say "Stress"? As you all know that Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards. I was browsing through my morning Neiman Marcus finds I stumbled upon this adorable Candy Cottage advent calendar and realized it was by Dylan's Candy Bar. Then my mind wandered and I had to share a bit more of the tasty treats over at Dylan's!

Here is the creator or it all, Dylan Lauren, and yes her dad Ralph is quite popular too!
(he he he...I'm sorry but when I hear or say his name I can only think of his guest appearance on Friends where Phoebe thinks she kissed him in the copy know the one?)

While I'm in NYC for NYFW A/W 2010 in a few months, you better believe when I need a bit of a boost between shows I will be right here!

Who wouldn't want to have a party in this happy room?!