Chic for Cheap at Forever 21

I've always been a fan of Forever 21 and while browsing their site I began to enter a bit of a dream land. Fun, cute and cheap fashions for Spring! Spring...? um, what's that? I've almost forgot how the sun feels. I'm still buried in fluffy piles of snow outside. (grr...) So while getting a touch of spring fever I thought I would put together a few outfits to inspire you for warmer weather.

Forever 21: Sizes XS (1/2) -L (11/12)

Drawstring Sheen Shirt $24.80
Double Button Trousers $22.80
Fashion Floppy Hat $9.80
Sunglasses $5.80
70's Vibe Clutch $15.80
Faux Leather Flats $12.80
Fab Chiffon Flower Bobby Pins $1.50
(stick the pink pin on the side of your hat for a splash of color)
Vibrant Beads & Bangles $7.80

Faith 21: Sizes XL(11/12) -3X (17/18)

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo