I support Big Busts

I, personally think that both of the above images are sexy, but apparently some don't agree. As you know from time to time I will interrupt my scheduled programming for a special announcement. I think boobs are a big enough subject to talk about today. I need to stand on my soapbox for yet another moment to rant about the banning of the Lane Bryant lingerie commercial. Considering I'm a woman with a large breasteses (love the line in Norbit...) I am appalled at Fox & ABC for banning this. We all know that they didn't ban it because of the sexuality, but for the plus size women. Why does there even have to be a side? Skinny vs. Plus Size? It's ridiculous. You show me one man that doesn't like big breasts or thinks this commercial isn't sexy, including the one I live with... He was foaming at the mouth.