Forever 21 hits the Las Vegas strip...

With a BANG! I was shocked to see how many fashionistas showed up Saturday for the new unveiling of Forever 21 at The Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas! To say I was impressed with the store, would be an understatement. This new bi-level, 126,000 sq. ft store is the largest in the world and is well worth the trip! With the 36 cash registers and 132 dressing rooms, I don't think you will have much of a line to wait in. With prices ranging from $2.50 to $40 it's well within any shopaholics budget and idea of fun!

Twelve by Twelve collection...

SHOES! ...adorable floral flats! (the shoe section is HUGE!)


I fell in love with this shirt...

don't leave out the kiddies!

or the sexy men!

I personally shop in the Faith 21 section, especially if you have (BIG) "breastesses", like me.
( I love that word and like to use it cause it makes me laugh, from Norbit) LOL!

loved this for fall, paired with jeans.. Can't seem to find it on the site though??

My goodies from the grand opening...

I spent more time talking than I did shopping, but I managed to pick up this bag. It's SO perfect for fall! I only buy bags with structure. Hate using a purse and you open it and everything fall out. This was only $18.80! Purple, was mine!

had to have this necklace (fab color!) and a cute compact for touch-ups on the go!