Stylist Diva talks with Cesare Paciotti

What kind of woman wears Cesare Paciotti?
The Cesare Paciotti Woman is sophisticated, self-confident, strong and sexy. She is receptive to fashion and revolutionary in style.

What age did you realize that you had a knack for design?
It was definitely something I was born with. My admiration and attraction for the arts began at a very early age and enhanced throughout my studies in 1968; That year taught me right from wrong and good from bad, forcing myself to come to terms with my destiny. My love for art and beauty made me reconsider the traditions my family taught me with a design inclination. I think innovation and design are much more valuable if inserted in a context of tradition and handcrafting.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your new Sole Art Collection?
The inspirations behind the fall collections are many but the most predominant is the 80s and its excesses: opulence has reached its highest levels again in this line.
One of my favorite pieces is this gathered animal print bootie which well represents the collection, and its excess, but which also can be toned down with a simple and sleek outfit.

How would you say your pieces differ from the competition?

Our product is really distinctive and unique, as it combines craftsmanship, refined details and sexy sky-high heels; besides the new lace print sole makes it impossible to confuse our shoes.

Who are your favorite designers?

One of the designers I admired the most in my life is Gianni Versace, whom I had the pleasure to know personally, as my parents were manufacturing his shoes in the 80s. He was not only a creative genius but a great man who inspired my future career choice and sprung my love for beauty.

What do you have to say to the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?

My only advice is INDULGE in fashion but be aware of what suits you, your lifestyle and your body

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?
I love speed and cars, if my mother wouldn’t have stopped me I would probably be racing for a living.

We have to know, where does the dagger come from?
The dagger did not stem from an ancient family history, however, its creation certainly has a historical significance. In fact, after my first success in Italy, and in the world, I felt my customer needed a way to identify and associate with the brand. I believe that in order for my customer to express their diversity and discover their own taste, they would value an expressive emblem. When I started with designing men’s shoes, I chose a dagger as part of the brand logo. In considering the relevance of the dagger, and its purpose throughout history, I felt that it served as a solid aid to every man. A symbol of both elegance and indelicacy, the image clearly translates to women’s shoes as well. I think it is an alluring visual which imitates the silhouette of a stiletto and immediately evokes a feeling of power, strength and sex appeal. It is the true essence of the brand.

I was honored to interview Mr. Paciotti and would like to thank him for sharing a bit of his brilliance with my readers. Please visit Cesare Paciotti for his exquisite collection.