Valhalla Brooklyn

There are days when I can't check a single email, then there are the days where I sit for 10 hours at a time going through all of them. UGH. Yesterday, was one of those days. So after a bit I thought I would take a break and read through some daily posts I'd missed, when I spotted this gorgeous leather bag featured on Burrs and Burries! Be still my buttery leather heart. As I clicked the link to see where I could find the bag, I was shocked to see it was HANDMADE.
How did my "shopping-addict-fashion-whore-credit card-overspending nutjob" radar miss this seller?

Vallhalla Brooklyn is ran by one woman, a Scandinavian, of course. Those Scandinavians know a thing or two about design, trust me. While living in Denmark, as you may remember in some of my past posts, I was smitten with just about everything. Kudos to you Miss Vallhalla, you make ah-mazing bags and as I can see the craftsmanship is absolutely superb! Once a lady buys a quality handbag, there is no going back. Now, on to make my early Christmas list...