Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work we go!

Dressy & Sassy!
(editor, lawyer, marketing executive)
SPLURGE...Total: $1,720.00
dress, necklace, belt, pumps

Casual & Chic!
(teacher, accountant, receptionist)

Total: $165.79

cardigan, top, pants, boots, earrings, ring

Today's post is dedicated to my fabulous readers: Tinagirl and Linnie!

Both of these lovely ladies have asked to see more looks for work! We all wish we could splurge, and some of us can, but even if you can't yet afford $1,170 for a pair of suede pumps, you can at least be inspired by them. Use the pieces to mix and match with your own wardrobe. If you adore this dress but your wallet doesn't, then try finding a simple satin top and pair it with a wool or tweed skirt for the same look. My personal preference is to be a bit cozy in an office environment, as my style is more casual (and comfy!) with a touch of the trends. The cardigan can be dressed up or down, it's cute, chic and with the right pair of boots and accessories you are good to go!