Los Angeles: {I Love You.}

From the blistery snow at Sundance to the sunny beaches of LA, this past week was a whirlwind of meetings and renewed romance. Have you ever loved something so much it echoed through your soul?

Since moving back from Europe last summer I have been yearning to return to the city of angels, where my soul was left many moons ago. Yesterday when I came back to Sin City, yet another piece of me was left in La La Land. There is something so magical about Los Angeles. The city thrives on dreams. It's alive. It breathes and lives like none I've ever experienced. My lovely weekend was filled with inspiration, a few meetings and of course, some shopping on Robertson.  But next time I'm cruisin' down Hollywood Blvd. I would prefer to do it in my dream car, a 56' Cadillac Convertible (pink of course), oversized Jackie O sunglasses, floral silk head scarf... old hollywood style, all the way.

LA is kicking and screaming, yet each time it welcomes me with open arms. Thank you dear town for igniting the spark inside me each and every time. I look forward to calling you "home" once again in just a short amount of time.