Sundance 2011

Hello lovelies!  I feel oh-so-guilty for not posting my adventures sooner but Sundance kicked my a$$!  The parties, the people and the COLD weather. Will I be attending next year? You bet! Park City is absolutely beautiful and since Tinseltown had taken over, it was even better. The vibe was friendly, welcoming and fresh!

We arrived a bit late on Sat. night due to flight delays and the simple fact that I was driving a Ford Flex up a steep, snowy, foggy mountain in the dark. Yeah, I was a bit intimated.  As we arrived, the lights glistened on the fresh fallen snow and the sounds of the famous Sundance parties filled the air. We took in the sights, tried not to fall down on the icy sidewalks along Main Street and indulged in dinner and drinks.  It was a very late first night. (& we didn't get any pictures!)

Due to the fact that I had meetings and events to attend, in only two days, I was unfortunate to not catch any films.  Next year I will be sure to make more time and if I'm to chicken to ski I will at least go tubing!

There is style to be found at Sundance but it is far and few between.  When it's 15-25 degrees, honestly, the last thing on my mind was fashion. I can't believe I just said that out loud, although it was the shameful truth.

But check out these lovely ladies enduring the cold and embracing style.

comfy & chic!

fitted & fresh!

classy & sassy!

Be still my boho-snow heart.
This adorable man greeted us as we entered the Fender Lounge.  I couldn't resist to snap a photo and nominate him for best dressed. Sorry James Franco, but he had you beat!

The Tweet house was the highlight of my trip. Tweet house is a celebration of the Real-Time Web and Twitter's pervasive role within it. It brings together those who are creating and evangelizing the technologies that are defining the future. Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, who just won a Golden Globe for The Kids are Alright, spoke on how you can get a story across with just one tweet if you are wise to use all 140 characters to its fullest extent. Oren Jacob, CTO of Pixar, shared his own personal stories and inspired me as he mentioned that "telling stories is how we communicate".  After listening to this engaging panel, I was reminded why I got into the entertainment business in the first place and all my passion came flooding back in an instant.

As the afternoon went on I shared conversation with new friends, enjoyed some belly laughs with the drunk ones as we nibbled on the delicious bites from Riverhorse. Thanks to everyone involved with Tweet house and thank you Cadillac for sponsoring such a memorable event!

Thank you to the kind people over at Lane Bryant for sponsoring some of my Sundance wardrobe. More pics to come soon of some of the other pieces I received at LB.