The MAGIC has begun...Day 2! (part 1)

MAGIC is like the biggest shopping mall you've ever been in, but you just can't pick something off the rack and purchase it.  If you are a buyer, then memorize your credit card # and start shopping honey!  Desigual had daily shows where the painted on shirts, so fun to watch!

If you are a regular reader of Stylist Diva, you know that I am a sucker for bright colors and ah-mazing patterns!  So when I discovered the ADORABLE new Poetic Licence I died and went to shoe heaven.  As I strolled down the next aisle my peepers popped out and spotted these gorgeous bags from Zudor Y Losadi, from Madrid.  A few years ago I spent a month in Costa Del Sol and while falling in love with the spanish culture, I also fell in love with the fashion.  I knew right away these had to be Spanish made.  Although the designer didn't speak english, we had a wonderful conversation, via his interpreter and he was thrilled that i adored his pieces.