God Save McQueen.

My day officially started when this image hit my inbox this morning.  Was I tired from a late night shoot?  Yes.  Do I still need coffee as I type this?  Yes.  Does anything else matter when the name McQueen is brought up?  Hell to the no!

I remember that dark day in the fashion world when it was announced that he had passed.  I also remembering reading the twitter feed and almost every other tweet was "God Save McQueen".  It was a sad day, yet I still shed a few happy tears.  Tears that this one single man, who changed fashion forever, would never be forgotten.  I still get emotional when I think about it.  McQueen, you were iconic.  You left a legacy and it's carried on brightly.  When I didn't know it was possible, you made me love fashion even more.  You were a true artist and even today, this rainy, slow morning, you jolt me awake when a new piece is revealed. 

Long live McQueen.