...a few of my prized possessions.

IFB is hosting a fun project and I just had to participate.  I have had some ah-mazing treasures in my possession for several years now and I have just recently discovered what I will do with them.  Keep them forever of course- but it's time to dust them off, steam them out and get styling!  A feel a fab photo shoot in my near future. There are about 10 of them in total so now I just need to find the perfect model to show them off!

This first two-piece is very dear to my heart, as my grandmother wore it at my parents wedding.  I had seen all the pics from the wedding, then that day came, after grandma's passing, when it was presenting in front of me.  Priceless.

The yellow frock is another piece from the Grandma collection, she was one stylish lady, so maybe- just maybe that's where I get some of my fashion sense from.

Last but not least, in fact my favorite, is this silver, glitter vintage clutch.  I have been seen from time to time carrying it while my MAC lipglass, money/id and droid are tucked safely inside. Funny, how times change... a 50+ year old accessory carying my future.

Thanks for the memories, Grandma.  I miss you everyday.  
Your style will live on forever.