Boutique Amalia: Meirav Ohayon

My new favorite bag.

The lovelies over at Boutique Amalia sent over the most ah-mazing bag!  Israeli designer, Meirav Ohayon is the genius behind this leather jewel.  The minute I opened the package, I inhaled the yummy aroma of sweet  Italian leather.   The dusty gray color and the industrial style is exactly what I was looking for to incorporate into my fall wardrobe.  Another upside is that all her bags are made under fair trade conditions.
I also received the brown leather "pouch" (see below) that is now home to my lipglass & gum...two very important things... HA!

After seeing this post today on IFB, I was inspired to show you what was hiding in my bag too!

- Pad o' paper.. (courtesy of Neiman Marcus) check!
- Marc Jacobs lipstick pen (from my bestie!)...check!
- Wallet... (courtesy of Sonsi)... check!
- MAC lipglass/lipstick...check!
- IPOD shuffle (yes, it's probably old school but it's cute & I love it!...check!
- Pureology Hairspray...check!
- Safety pins & double sided fashion tape (courtesy of Hollywood Fashion Secrets)
   as a Stylist, I never leave home w/o it!...check!
- Gum (you never know ladies!)... check!
- Business Cards...check!
- Gold Deer Antler Ring (courtesy of bestie, recently took it off & threw that in too!)...check!
- Variety ( a daily read of mine)...check!