Rachel Zoe Collection: Fall 2011

Last week I attended the launch of Rachel Zoe's Fall Collection at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills.  It was bananas!  Ok, so I never use that word but I felt it was appropriate.  Rachel looked absolutely stunning!  I must say in fact I felt she was glowing.  It was Skyler's first fashion show, so perhaps that was it.

The collection really was beautiful.  The key to being a great stylist isn't just having style and a good sense of fashion, it's knowing how to fit.  You can have the most divine piece but if it sits on you like a sack of potatoes, you're screwed.  Rachel's collection has structure, gorgeous detail and a fab fit!

Rachel & Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director
(don't kill me for posting this Ken, but I had to prove that fashion is still fun!)

My absolute favorite! (available soon!)

Rodger is THE cutest husband.  He sipped champagne then watched his wife in total admiration. Loved it.

(p.s. I apologize for the crap photography)