Levi’s® Curve ID Jeans

When asked to try the new Levi's® Curve ID Jeans, I was over the moon because it's always hard finding the perfect jeans, especially when you have curves.  Know what I mean?  So I  took the Levi's® Curve ID quiz to find out that my curve is the Bold Curve, definition from waist to hip and a fuller seat.  Yes, a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot song starting playing in my head. You know the one.  But, I'm proud of my curves and it's nice to know that Levi's® is in full support (pun intended) of it too.

I choose the Bold Curve Skinny Jeans and am so happy with them!  Although my expertise is in fashion, fit & styling, I will admit that for so many years I couldn't even dress myself.  Finding stylish pieces wasn't my problem, but my body image was.  So many women that have bigger thighs and booty think that a wide leg jean is the best bet.  Think again.  I'm only 5' 6" and when you wear a wider leg pant, it gives the illusion you are even shorter and more "stalky", than you really are.  For those of you out there, with curves like me, be daring...be bold and after taking the quiz, pick the skinny style!

After my jeans arrived I was suddenly in the mood for fall.  The weather has finally started to cool off here in la la land and I was able to finally pull out one of my favorite scarves!
top: asos curve, scarf: h&m, necklace: kaitlyn
(all last season...time to go shopping!)

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A free pair of LEVI’s® CURVE ID jeans was supplied to each blogger for the program courtesy of Glam Media and Levi’s®. Compensation was provided by LEVI’S® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LEVI’S®.