"My Tide" Challenge

Not everything about fashion is always glamorous.  Let's take my 3 piles of dirty laundry for example.. oh, did I say that out loud? But it is important to know how to take care of our prized possessions, especially when we pay good money for them.

I was asked to take the "My Tide" Challenge to see what product was right for me.  My main concern is clothing care and My Tide is: Tide Coldwater.  I tried it out and was really happy with the results!  Sometimes I get a bit lazy when it comes to properly taking care of my own laundry, which doesn't make sense considering my job, so I was pleased to realize their was such a wide range of products.  Every woman needs the  Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover, it's been a lifesaver many times on set and is always in my styling kit!

What's your Tide?

Tide has a cleaning solution designed specifically for your laundry needs.

* Tide Sport: Helps eliminate tough odors from athletic wear OR tackles tough stains & odors
* Tide w/ a touch of Downy: Provides outstanding clean and extra softness
* Tide Coldwater: Get brilliant clean at lower temperatures or save up to 50% of energy per load by switching to cold
* Tide Free + Free TSR Booster: A Tide clean that's free of dyes and perfumes  
* Base Tide + Base TSR Booster: Helps remove even 7 day old stains, TSR is designed to with Tide detergent for an outstanding clean

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