Marcolin Eyewear

I've missed you.  For the past 2 months I've been working on some styling & costume projects (posts coming soon!) and attending some fab events.  This one, by far, was my fave!  My dear friend, Sal and I, attended the Marcolin/ Tom Ford Eyewear luncheon, set in the beautiful Hollywood hills.

The afternoon was filled with friends, bloggers and the some of the hardest working stylists in la-la land.  But most important of all we were surrounded by the best eyewear one could ask for.  Tom Ford is a fashion god. I mean, one of my faves!  Can you tell?

a sneak peek at Tom Ford & Diesel (top right- love these colorful frames!) for 2012.

lovely scenery, good food and fun! 
(yes, I was caught by TINT photo, not one, but two times. Can you spot me? HA HA! It's like Where's Waldo?)  

 Help me decide... left or right?  I'm aiming for the left one, both Tom Ford, but is it too rockabilly for me?

Thanks Marcolin for a wonderful afternoon!

photography: TINT & me