My Ultimate Spring/Summer Skin Survival Guide

A few simple ways to take care of your skin this season...

Sleep. 7-9 hours is ideal. If your day allows you to even take an afternoon nap, do it. Sleep does wonders. Your body needs the rest and so does your mind.  

Hydrate. Make water your best friend. Most of us don't drink enough but once you start to see the results of H2O and how bright and fresh your skin looks you won't ever stop. Skip the soda and opt in for watermelon juice or iced green tea instead.

Eat. But eat well. Salads, fruit, cucumber sandwiches, chicken or veggies on the grill and my favorite during the summer, popsicles! (sugar-free of course) 

Stay Cool.  No one likes a sweaty Betty, especially your skin.  On those hot summer days stay inside, enjoy the air-conditioning while you indulge with your fave dvd or grab your bestie and hit your local theater. Spend a day at the pool or waterpark (we are never to old for this), but don't forget the sunblock! I use at least SPF40+.

Let your skin breathe.  I hate wearing makeup. I will be the first to admit it. If my complexion was flawless I would probably only use moisturizer, mascara and a bit of lip gloss. I never wear makeup at home or even running errands, especially in the heat. So if you don't have to get all dolled up, let your face go naked and embrace your natural beauty

Treat your Tootsies.  Hit the beach!  Walking in the sand is great way to keep your feet soft. 
If you're wearing a running shoe put a little baby powder inside to help absorb any moisture.  Those dogs are barking and they want attention, so before you go to bed, rub lotion on your feet and wear socks to bed. 
They will thank you immensely.  

Prevent Meltdowns.  This includes your body and mind. If I'm going to be running errands all day or working on set for 12 hours, I like to bring a small, personal cooler with me. I pack it full of bottled water and fruit. It saves money and it's always nice to have something refreshing at my fingertips. Try putting your lipstick or any other makeup you might carry with you too!

Have Fun, Be Happy & Stress Free. I tell you from pure experience, that stress causes breakouts. When this happens my skin looks like I'm 14, not 34. When I notice a breakout I get annoyed but I'm reminded that I wasn't taking better care of myself. 

Being sad or unhappy will change your face. It sounds weird, but true. After I made it through some of the hardest years of my life, I looked in the mirror one day and didn't even recognize my own reflection. Even my mother told me I didn't look myself. It was a wake-up call and after much effort, awareness and laughter that person staring back at me is finally, just silly ole' me. 

Turn that frown upside down. Smile. Laugh. Meditate. Take a road trip. Turn on the tunes and rock out with your to your fave 80's/90's summer hits. Paperboy by Ditty, Ironic by Alanis Morrisette and every song from the New Kids on the Block is popping up in my head right, (shh... don't tell anyone).  

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"As part of the DailyBuzz Style Program, I received free Clear Tone Deodorant and a stipend from Dove. However, my opinions are entirely my own."