A splash of sunshine...

As you may remember from my first Tropinista post I vowed to put myself first this year and guess what? I've kept my resolution!  This year started with ah-mazing opportunities and that was only the beginning. I think in order for the flow to happen in your life you need to know that you are the most important.  

In honor of the new Trop50 Juice with Tea, Trop50 asked me what makes me refreshingly different.  
Is it the fact that I laugh louder than most, that I sometimes love dogs more than people or that I sometimes pull out my coloring book and crayons because it helps me relax? (true story, don't judge me.)

Yes, those are all some interesting facts about myself but I think what makes me stand out from the rest is my perseverance.  I'm an old soul.  I'm one of those people that have been through hell and back and I'm still standing.  If I told you stories of all the struggles I've conquered in my life, it would be a novel. I will say that my perseverance and unstoppable attitude has carried me far.  I try to never let people or circumstances get me down. When something doesn't go as planned I always look at it as a blessing in disguise.  I believe that you can only count on yourself in the end and you must figure out who you really are.  Self development is an ongoing process but I've known Bree for a long time.  What she stands for and what she believes in. Perhaps that is my key to my 'get out of my way attitude'.  

I'm not a superhero, by any means.  I'm human, I fail, I falter, but I always get back on that horse.  I know I'm meant to do great things in this lifetime and I won't stop until my duties and lessons are learned.  Although...if I did have a cape, it would be pink. Hot pink, in fact.

What makes you refreshingly different? I would love to hear your stories.

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