Fashion meets Technology

I've always been a fashion junkie, ever since my mom started taking me out of class for a "doctor's appt." when really we were headed to the mall. It's true, I remember vividly how my grandmother would be in Macy's stock piling from the Clinique counter while over at the newly, opened Express I was pleading with my mom to buy me anything and everything.

As you can clearly see, colorblocking is a comeback trend. Don't laugh. This 'medieval joker-esque' look was hot back then. I remember after winning the battle with mom, and this particular pink/orange get up, I had to have that tacky pink/orange necklace to match too. But no, the outfit was not complete without raiding her closet and stealing her 'oh-so cool' brown loafers, or this guy... or how about the "faux leather paneled" white jean shorts? Yep, if you look real close you can see I'm even wearing the hard rock logo pin on my tee to match. Sweet.

What's the moral of my story? Evolution.

In my 35 years, fashion has gone from browsing my local mid-west mall to shopping at home with the touch of a button and watching a Marc Jacobs runway show live via my laptop, as I still sit in my pajamas.

The Project Runway episode where Mondo created his winning design created with HP, was a standout moment for me. I had been blogging for a few years already and knew that fashion and technology had a strong synchronicity, but it wasn't until that moment I was realized how important the pair really was. With the touch of finger, you can take an idea and create it into a masterpiece.

I think fashion and technology influence each other. Designers, bloggers and editors take the fashion industry to a whole new level. We are able to instantly connect to the reader or consumer and directly communicate in a way we never could before. On the other side, the tech world has been able to plug into an entire different audience and take the fashion world by storm.

After all, geek is the new chic.

HP is running an amazing design contest where they are challenging people to design a stylish and sleek laptop bag perfect for the small size of the Ultrabook. The winner will be chosen by Jill of, the writers at Core 77, as well as Mondo from Project Runway Season 8 and will receive $10,000! The jury is in and 40 designers have been chosen, go vote for your favorite!

For the contest details, please visit this site:

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