Kindness is the new Black.

It's been a while since I stood on my stylish soapbox, so I thought it was time.  I pride myself on being kind to others. It's something that has always come easy and natural to me. Why wouldn't it?  This should be a trait that everyone is born with and one that everyone sticks with.  One of my favorite quotes is...

" Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. "
                                       - Plato

Truth. I have fought my share of battles over the years, as I know everyone else has too.  The funny thing is that we tend to forget, that not everyone is fighting the same battle.

This morning I came across this "Kindness is the new Black" image.  It hit home immediately and I knew that today would be the day I took it upon myself to pass it on. I don't believe we are born with hatred in our hearts, I believe it's learned behavior, one that needs to be unlearned. As we all fight our battles, no matter how difficult they may be, we can still remember to treat people with love, kindness and respect.

I've unfortunately encountered way too many unkind people. What's happened? This sudden change of entitlement and selfishness, I will never understand.  At first I thought that maybe I'm just old fashioned, being born and raised in the Midwest, sometimes I feel I'm a little too optimistic. Most of my life I've felt that there were more good people in the world, than bad, but some days it feels like the opposite. This can't be true. Without a doubt when tragedy strikes we are all there to help, lend a hand and love those victims back to life, but why can't we do the same on an everyday basis? 

I'm not jaded by any means, in fact I want to love people even more. Ever since I was a little girl I've always felt this overwhelming urge to love. I can't explain it. Like when I hug my dogs, I just can't squeeze them enough! The people that are unkind, are the ones that need love the most.  People are stressed, they can't find work.  Relationships end, due to the selfishness or lack of energy to care, and even rage is shown in the most horrific ways.  

Don't wait until trauma strikes to be kind. Remember that life isn't a race or competition, it's a lesson. Give. Smile. Say thank you. Be selfless. Be grateful. Loss the ego and listen. Listen to others and learn. Love with your entire being and I promise you, it will come back and love you even more.

I work in two of the most superficial industries in the world.  Fashion and Hollywood.  But I can guarantee you that kindness, truly does exist. You might know me as a Stylist or Editor who's obsessed with all things fashion, but I can reassure you that there is much more to me. Style is something we use to express ourselves, it's not a way of life. I'm a strong woman who has fought more battles than one can even begin to imagine, but it's what makes me who I am today. It might have changed my circumstances, but I've never let it change who I am on the inside. Perhaps someday in the future I will share them with you, if you want to listen- but for today instead of wearing black, I will put a smile on instead.

Maybe we can change the world, one smile at a time.

{images via pinterest}