6 Steps to Healthy Hair with L’Oreal Triple Resist + Free Samples!

The older we get the more our hair needs a little extra love. I'm 36 and still get carded. I also have people telling me all the time they swear I'm not a day over 30. (thank you!) Stress is the biggest issue for me and I've had to learn the hard way after years of damaged hair and split ends. Maintaining healthy hair is very important to me so I try to keep it up with these easy steps. After trying the L’Oreal Triple Resist Treatment line yesterday, I added my final step! 

The shampoo is so creamy that I thought I had opened the conditioner first and had to double check. What I love about the line is that it helps treat fragile hair while resisting breakage. It smells great and left my hair feeling full and nourished. I might not look like Jennifer Lopez, but I felt as if my hair was as shiny and gorgeous as hers!

These simple steps, really are as simple as they seem. Getting into the habit is key. When working from home, Step 1 is as easy as pie! Don't tell anyone, but I enjoy throwing my hair in a lose bun, making some coffee and keeping my pj's on while I blog away! Step 2 is another easy one, I'm not a fan of a lot of product, so I love to just air dry and go. I discovered Step 3 a few years ago and swear by it. The boar bristles help to pull the naturals oils throughout your hair and keep the shine! Step 4 isn't brain surgery, but for some reason I still have a hard time remembering to keep hydrated. This is always a work in progress... Step 5 is extremely important. I recently went gluten-free + junk-food free and I can immediately feel and see the difference! Step 6 is my life motto. Stress can have so many side-effects and as life will always give us lemons, it's important to keep breathing, don't over think, stay in the moment and LAUGH until your belly hurts! 

The last step in maintaining healthy hair from root to tip is to click below on the link below and be one of the first 500 sign-ups for a chance to receive your own free sample of L’Oreal Triple Resist Treatment!

Get instant results and lasting transformation with Advanced Haircare Triple Resist from L'Oreal Paris. The triple action power of the formulas with concentrated Arginine reinforces strands and helps hair resist breakage. Change the life of your hair.

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