Welcome to Paradise.


It finally happened. I actually took two days for myself. I didn't even turn on my computer. (which is a big step for me!)  I used to think that taking a vacation wasn't something everyone deserved. Ridiculous, I know. But, true.  I've spent the past 17 years of my life working. Working on set and working for others. I've dedicated so many years to everyone but myself, that I finally realized it was time to work, for me. Work at learning how to unwind, learn to relax and how to de-stress. This isn't something that comes naturally for me, as I'm usually keep my nose to the grindstone from 12-15 hours per day, 6 days a week. I love what I do, but it's exhausting sometimes. 

I'm planning on a bigger vacation over the holidays, but my mini vacation in San Diego did me good for now. Real good. Paradise Point invited Jessica and I down for a little getaway from the hustle and bustle and boy,  was it ah-mazing!

I wanted to getaway and indulge in a "paradise-esque" resort, without leaving the country and that is exactly what I found. Paradise, state side. From the minute we drove up, we knew we were in for a treat! Palm trees, fountains, ducks, turtles, beach, spa, swimming pools... Most importantly I saw happy, stress-free, smiling faces.

(good thing they had an iron, because I was in a hurry while packing and as a stylist, 
I'm ashamed to show you this picture!)

When packing for our time in paradise, I really only wanted to bring a swimsuit and pajamas, as my plan was to sleep and swim- but that was impossible. Have you seen my closet? But I packed light and brought bright clothes to keep me happy and energized as I enjoyed the entire 44 acres, Paradise Point had to offer. 

Our beachfront bungalow was my favorite part! Maybe I was a mermaid in a former life, because I'm obsessed with water and couldn't wait to plunge in! Give me a pool or bathtub any day and I'm a happy girl! There is nothing that the water and a little sun can't cure. Oh and sailboats help too!

    I experienced a whole new level of relaxation, after indulging in the Island Bliss Ritual. From the moment I stepped in the Balinese inspired room, the sweet scent of coconut oil consumed me and the only thing on my mind was peace and pure bliss. I am happy to say that I truly learned how to relax and enjoy the moment. It wasn't easy at first, but once you realize that you deserve a 'time out' once in a while and work will still be there when you get back, you can enjoy every minute of it.  The more "breaks" I allow myself to take, the more focused and re-energized I will be.

    I'm pretty sure I packed more beauty products than clothes, but I needed a few of my favorite must haves!
    Coconut body butter, body spray & shower gel...
    (Hi, my name is Bree and I'm addicted to all things coconut.)

    What an experience at Baleen. The most incredible sunset views, pinot grigio & to-die-for strawberry shortcake! I had the pork chop with mascarpone risotto, sugar snap peas, grilled fig and lavender honey glaze. Lavender Honey Glaze. Hands down, by far, one the best restaurants I've eaten at. Delish!

    ...wine was drank, pina coladas were consumed and cake was devoured
    Oh!...and s'mores over the bonfire!

    I'm truly grateful for the wonderful experience I had. 
    Thank you to @ParadisePointSD for their invitation and wonderful hospitality! 
    I can't wait to come back again soon!

    (Paradise Point Resort & Spa provided our stay, but no compensation was provided. The opinions expressed herein are those solely of the author.)