Music keeps my fondest memories alive.

This is probably my most favorite picture ever.  Rewind back to about 1956 as my Grandfather captured this perfect shot of my Grandma Anna teaching my dad what fishing was all about!  

My love for vintage style started long ago, but you can see where it probably came from. My closet is full of Grandma's gorgeous old lace dresses, Jackie O sunglasses and a glittered clutch that would give Miu Miu a run for their money. No outfit was complete without her matching shoes, bag, coat and jewelry! She had style, spunk and could shake her hips like no one I knew!

I remember dancing to the golden oldies around the house while my dad never understood how I could remember every single lyric, yet couldn't remember my homework.  Then when I headed to Grandma's for the weekend, she would play The Rat Pack on repeat and we would dance and laugh til' our stomach hurt!

She used to tell me stories of how she grew up in New York City and listened to Frank start out, performing on a tiny stage in Central Park, while the crowd threw tomatoes on stage because he was that bad. Now that's a story!  She also filled my ears with memories of her own childhood of buying a Pepsi and a pretzel for a nickel while she grew quite fond of a certain blue eyed fella who could croon with the best of them.

Although she was madly in love with my Grandfather she always had a special place for ole' Frank and Dean and her love rubbed off on me. I started collecting their records as a teenager and still get excited when I find a new one!

My grandmother wasn't just a music lover and dancer, she was also an ah-mazing cook with a creative soul and a heart of gold. She taught me how to make the perfect spaghetti sauce (a family recipe), lessons of life and reminded me everyday how beautiful I was.  I know my creative passions come from her. 

She always spoke her mind, had a brazen personality and never cared what anyone thought of her. We also shared a love for sunny days in the park and furry canines. When we're young, we can't see the lessons we are being taught, but as an adult it all makes sense and puts a little smile on my face when I think back of the simple things she taught me. Yet, they were the biggest lessons I've learned.  Be nice. Give to others. Love.

It's amazing how music can trigger certain memories and bring us right back to where we were when we first heard our favorite songs. Some of my fondest memories of my stylish and sassy Grandma was those of her turning up the record player and leading us into a laughter filled dance.  We shook our hips and sang at the top of our lungs to the likes of Frank and Dean for hours.  

These pics were taken when my Grandfather returned from war and that's my dad in his arms. I know she would be more than proud of me if she could see me now. She would be proud of who I am, what I've done and the woman I've become.  No matter where I am or who I'm with, when I hear those old tunes I can't help but smile as I remember her beautiful face and happy energy.

Music opens the door to my passions by keeping a smile on face and a little dance in my step! Whether I'm writing this blog post, traveling or dancing with my dogs around the living room, I always need the perfect song to capture the moment. What kind of music opens the door to your passion?

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