5 Target Must-Haves for MY Kind of Holiday!

If I can only hit up one store for Black Friday, it's always Target.  Great sales, gifts for everyone on your list and most of all, cute stuff for you!  Right now during their black friday sale, you can save 40% off select denim, women's lounge wear and women's party dresses!  I love to shop, but most of all, I love to give gifts.  I've been known to give (and spend) more than I probably should over the years but I've started a new tradition.  I decided to give to myself a little too.  This year my theme has been self love.  Learning to put myself first is important, but isn't always as easy as it seems.  So while I shop for everyone else on my list, I've picked a few fab things for me too.  It's definitely#MyKindOfHoliday this year.