My Benefit Cosmetics visit in San Fran!

Last month I took some time off to travel, spend time with the bestie and unwind.  We decided to venture up to San Francisco since I'd never been before and Stine (although a foreigner), was my local tour guide. Playing tourist, we drove up the coast, sang loudly in the car, ate turkey jerky, enjoyed the views, took WAY too many pictures and talked until our cheeks hurt! 

After meeting some of the lovely ladies of Benefit Cosmetics earlier this year, I was thrilled to be able to visit the headquarters and check out all the girlyness I could handle!  When I arrived at the top floor 
(and for a woman who loves pink)...UHHH, I almost moved in!  From the lipstick velvet ropes to the pink makeup counter, I gasped as I got off the elevator.  We were given the grand tour, previewed some new products and left with pink bags filled with goodies!  

Stay tuned next week when I share some of my fave Benefit gifts for the holidays!

{bestie + selfie = must have.}

I was like a wide-eyed child when I saw the Golden Gate bridge for the first time, excited and giggly!
 Thanks to Benefit for welcoming us with open arms and I hope to see you ladies again soon!

{apologies for the photo issues}