Coachella is here so let the boho, off-beat, free-spirited, wild style begin! Festival Season is when you can express yourself as creatively as possible (without going too overboard) and a little DIY is the perfect touch.

A couple of weeks back I was running around last minute (story of my life) the morning of a photoshoot trying to pull the perfect accessory.  These sunglasses were in my stash, but they had a logo on the side that I needed to cover, they were the ones I wanted to use but they were missing a little something.  So I grabbed my styling kit, started wrapping and customized these simple sunnies in about 5 minutes!

The glasses received such a great response, I thought I would share these simple steps on how to create your own.


I really like the wayfarer style, so depending on your budget you can either opt-in for getting a great pair of Ray-Ban's or snag a similar style from our beloved Forever 21. Joann and Michael's are my go-to craft store and they both have a great selection of twine in a variety of colors.  Tape, scissors and glue, basic crafty supplies everyone has on-hand.  You don't have to use the E-6000 but it's my glue of choice, or any gel-based super glue works fine too.

Take your 1st color, tie in a knot (knot facing in) and hold end in place with a tiny piece of tape. Wrap a few times to what you desire. Take 2nd color and repeat, while covering up the tape. You can also use a dot of glue each time you finish a color, but I was in a hurry and the tape worked just fine. Finish your colors, don't go anymore than half of the length of the temple.  Then take your glue and put a very small drop on the end of the twine, rub in a little with your finger then let dry. Count the times you wrapped the twine, then repeat on the other side to make it even.  Let dry for about 20 minutes.  Take glasses into bathroom with you, put them on, look in mirror and smile at the finished result! 

{Thanks to my lovely model, Maythinee and Tracy Birdsell for capturing this happy, festival ready shot!}