glossier beauty product review

Great packaging is my weakness.  If I'm being honest, you could scrape the mud off your shoe, wrap it in the most beautiful packaging and I would still be excited to open it up. It's the little things in life that tickle my fancy...

I didn't really know what to expect of Glossier.  I've followed the founder, Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss for years and was thrilled to witness another beauty/fashion blogger starting their own brand!  I was quite hopeful that it would be a great line of products, but I was wrong.

Because Glossier is an AH-MAZING line of products!  The effort and thought that went into the sleek and chic packaging really made an impact.  (let's not forget it comes with stickers! hello, I'm 10 years old again)

I received the Phase 1 Set (pictured below) and it is simply divine. My skin felt smooth, soft and moisturized and my large (damn you hormones) pores instantly disappeared!  The priming moisturizer is basically a tube of gold. Precious cargo in a cute tube, that will change your life.  Ok, maybe not your entire life, but I promise if you have hang-ups about your complexion, you must try it for yourself.  It will help boost your ego, hide your pores and leave your gorgeous face glowing!

glossier beauty product review

glossier beauty product review


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