Eight years after creating Stylist Diva, it's time to say goodbye. I'm not saying goodbye to the blog itself, but the name. You might have noticed a few cha cha changes around here and I must say that I'm so excited about where this new blogging journey might take me.  When I started this blog the name was something I came up with as a nod to my knowledge as a wardrobe stylist and my love of fashion. I've wanted to change the name for many years now, but it wasn't until recently when I decided that there couldn't be a better name, than my own.

The past year has been a tough one, but one that has forced me to grow.  When you're in the middle of a struggle, no matter what kind, it's hard to imagine the end result a positive one.  While I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm still learning.  This semi-simple change on my brand, blog and business seems to be one I've needed for quite some time. I felt stale. I felt like I was paralyzed on an infinite plateau.

"A blog is platform, one that should be constantly elevating." 

As much as I believe this to be true I hate to admit that I was stuck.  I've grown extensively in my career since starting this blog and more than half of my client list has been an ah-mazing result of it, one that I'm grateful for, but I knew there was something missing.  

When you work for yourself there is a time you reach a pivotal point in your journey.  This is a good thing, but not always an easy thing.  When I reached this particular point I was living in LA and it was time to hire on a few team members to help grow and execute my vision.  Unfortunately during that time I was dealing with a severe back injury, doctor appointments and depression, which all resulted in a loss of income.  Even though this was the time I should of been making some serious changes and expanding my business, I lost my ambition and drive to do so. Fast forward, 2-3 years later and here we are.  The blog maintained itself, neither growing nor losing speed and I've been caught up again with projects, health, life and loss. 

With every failure, comes a lesson.  With every mistake, comes a new idea.  I don't believe in failures.  I only believe in growth.  If something isn't working the way it's suppose too, then it's time to just change direction, it doesn't mean you failed.  

"Failure is not an option."
-Gene Kranz 

The new season has filled me with a new energy and outlook.  I'm excited to see where this new blogging journey will take me and I hope that you stick around and if you are new here then I welcome you with open arms.  My motivation is to inspire you through style and design, while my passion is to empower you to follow your dreams, embrace your true talents and reach for the stars. I will also be sharing creative business tips and tricks and I can promise you that if you stay true to who you are, great things will happen. 

As I'm still finalizing edits and merging pages from this site over to the new, In the meantime,I urge to you to subscribe to my MAILING LIST to receive updates, posts, exclusive content and of course a few FREEBIES! Don't worry though, this link will also be re-directed when that official move happens.

Goodbye Stylist Diva, this farewell is bittersweet and I thank you for everything you taught me. 
HELLO to the new me, let's do this...

 Welcome to my happy place, where business is my bff, style is a way of life and joy is my motto.
It's a pleasure to meet you.