Fab Plus Size Fashion from the UK to you!

In honor of my post last week I have found some adorable outifts for you curvy fashionistas, from Evans. If you don't live in the U.K. then you probably aren't aware of this wonderful high street chain. ...Let me introduce you.

After visiting London earlier this year I finally had the chance to visit one of their stores. I was in there for over 2 hours! (no joke.) I was in heaven. I probably tried on everything in the store. NOTE: ( retails sales associates outside of the U.S. are SO friendly and never harass or stalk you)

If you are looking for a new fall wardrobe with an edge then Evans is right up your alley. You may be asking me why I'm posting this for my "non-European" readers, because they ship to 18 countries including the U.S.A! If you are still skeptical of purchasing clothes online because of your size, feel free to email me (stylistdiva@gmail.com) and I will gladly lend you a hand.