Supersize vs. Superskinny

I have been on the fence about writing a piece based on my real, true thoughts about plus-size woman-curvy gal vs. skinny model debate, for months. I was sparked by a post I just read and thought now more than ever, is the time to unleash my raging thoughts into typed words. So here goes...

I am a plus size woman. Yes, there was a time in my life when I was wearing a size 8/10 but that was when I was 16. Today at age 32 I am twice that size (and twice as smart). And guess what? I'm still beautiful! And yes, I struggle with being comfortable in my own skin and have my "fat" days,but give me a *ucking break! Even a women who is a size 2 has "fat" days. In today's society everyone has some sort of issues, doubts or lack of self confidence. There is this HUGE debate going on with whether or not a plus size woman should be allowed on the runway, on tv or on a cover of your favorite fashion mag or not. What bullshit! Teenage girls at age 12 are already suffering from anorexic, mainly due to the media. I hate to call out names but Kate Moss did not do the fashion industry any justice, if you ask me. All she did was show women that they were considered "fat" if they didn't look like her. In turn, young girls started to question the size of their hips when they should of been playing with dolls. What have we become as a whole society? To the point that bloggers and writers are now condemning a fashion designer for choosing to put a curvy model down the runway, instead of a toothpick? H E L L O! Do you not remember that women "used" to being considered "real women"?

A "real" woman is someone comfortable and confident in who she is on the inside, as well as the outside. But someone who knows her strengths and talents. A woman who exudes so much sexyness that you don't even notice that she is wearing a size 20. And p.s... Whoever said we have the right to judge anyone because of what size they are? Is it ok to judge a woman by the color of her skin? NO. Or her religious or political views? HELL NO. So then why does any man, woman or child have the right to judge and criticize another human being for the size of their body? Not to mention that the majority of the ignorant people, who are doing the judging have no clue that 99% of the women that are considered overweight, curvy or whichever "fat" term you decide to use, hasn't consciously chosen to say, "Hey, I think I will make myself fat and unhealthy." Dumbasses. There are a number of reasons that women are "plus size" today. But the number 1 reason is called, L-I-F-E. I'm no psychologist but I do I know that when you go through lifes tough moments, death, divorce, abuse or something maybe even worse, then you tend to store your emotional issues inside your body. You build a barrier not to avoid getting hurt. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. So these "plus size" women, most likely either have a medical issue, have been emotional damaged and this is how they deal with it. Of course there are a few that just choose not to want to loose weight or care about it but that is there choice. Their right. Some people, size 2 or 32 will choose alcohol, drugs or crime to handle their "baggage" and some choose food and don't even know it. Well all have our a different crutch. Over 65% of women in the United States are over a size 12. I guarantee that every one of these skinny women bitching about a plus size women being a "unhealthy slob" has at least one or more women in their own family that is considered plus size. Do they judge their Aunt, Sister or Mother? Absolutley not. So then why should it be ok to treat a stranger with the utmost disrepect? We all have issues. We are not perfect. Not even a size 2.

So before I hear one more person bitch about a "plus size" woman walking down a runway or walking down the street, I suggest that you go and lay down on that leather couch in your shrinks office (and if you don't have one then perhaps it's time to get one) and after you dish out all your issues and baggage, re-think opening your ignorant mouth and criticizing someone else.

I fully support a healthy lifestyle. While I exercise, take my vitamins daily and cut out sugar, sodas, coffee and go easy on the bread and sweets. I can't turn myself into Heidi Klum overnight. And who knows if that plus size model on the runway or even the heavy woman at the grocery store, is in the middle of their own diet or life transformation. We were not put on earth to judge one another. We were put here to love one another and learn. Something I feel the majority of us have forgot about.

(this post is entirely my opinion... take it or leave it. My purpose is to inform, not to criticize.
So if I have offended anyone I do apologize, but I needed to speak my mind. )