Dear crafty fashionistas...

(this post was originally featured on Tip Junkie last month while I was out of town and wanted to share it with you!)

I hope you have had enough time to finally catch up after the holiday madness (I'm still recovering), but perhaps your wallet hasn't caught up with you yet? During these times we can't always afford the wardrobe we really want, but we can use our creative skills to make our own!

Materials Needed:
  • Tank Top
  • Sewing needle and thread (color of trim)
  • Embellishments (lace, pearls, sequin trim, bows, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • a creative mind and some good tunes!


  1. Find your tank top. I chose to use a tank top rather than a tee because you can wear it under a cardi or blazer in the winter/fall or alone in the spring/summer. Any color will do. Make you don't pick a shade that will wash you out. The tank I picked was from Old Navy. I swear by this store. They always have great basics for a great price that last a long time and will stand up after many washes, but any store will do. Be sure to read your label though and make a note that after you embellish your tank you should lay it out flat it to dry, never in the machine. Handwashing is usually best but you can also wash on the delicate cycle too.
  2. Get as creative as you want. Find the embellishments of your choice. Use the widest piece first and sew around edge of collar. If your tank has a seam on each shoulder then use that as your start/finish point. After you have finished your first layer of trim then just add the next, and so on.
  3. When choosing your embellishments be sure to use a stretchy trim, ruffled or something like the sequin trim I used. Because the collar is round, you can curve the trim much better. I like to scour thrift stores, it's the best way to find quality trim that's unique and chic. Any fabric or craft supply store will have a great selection as well. Maybe you have some broken beaded necklaces that would work fab too. I used a vintage pearl necklace.
  4. Use your lace trim to tie a bow. You can use a bit of hot glue to secure the bow in place then sew on the rest. If you want a large or small bow that is entirely up to you.
  5. Pair with some tight jeans, simple earrings (you don't want to over accessorize) and your sexiest heels or flats. Grab a chic clutch and you are ready to go! This makes a great gift for your bestie too. She will love that it's personal and stylish!

(it's adorable! But maybe I should of steamed it... nice one, Bree.)
Happy Crafting Fashionistas!