I'm baaaack!

well...kind of. I took the last few weeks off for a trip to the states. It was very successful. But before I left I was flat on my back with a slipped disc! Yes, I wasn't even sure if I would make my flight. I cried, pleaded and begged the universe and although it was painful I made the long journey. It was worth it. I also got sick while I was away. Two weeks with a runny nose can really start to get to you. Not to mention for the past 5 days I haven't been able to speak. THAT is not fun when you are a yap-a-holic, like myself, let me tell ya! So I'm easing into things and the next few months will also include a surgery, some downtime to de-stress, chiropractor visits and planning, planning, planning! We are moving 6,000 miles in just a few short months and then tying the knot shortly after. What a year this will be. So bear with me and look out for some special wedding posts in the near future!

Can you tell I'm ready for Spring? I'm sure you are too! Perhaps if you focus our energy on this gorgeous image above then the flowers will start blooming before we know it!