You’ve had a stressful week and it’s time to unwind, how do you indulge?  Last weekend my dear friend Megan and I decided it was going to be a girly day full of indulgences.  We talked for hours about her wedding this spring, fashion, men (of course) made bracelets (diy post coming soon!) and dug into the delight of white & milk chocolate PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE chocolate spread, Yum-mers!  I picked up some fresh picked strawberries and we popped some champagne I had saved from an oscar party gifting lounge last month. It was the highlight of our afternoon!

In keeping with my resolution theme this year I also indulge whenever I can.  Sometimes it’s with chocolate and strawberries but other times it may be a day full of boutique shopping, with a side of an afternoon movie.  This year my mom turned 60 so we are planning on taking a small trip this summer and you can believe we will be indulging. Perhaps I’m just getting older and can tell you I have endured years of stress and know that it can actually take a toll on you, not just emotionally but physically as well. I try to keep my balance and de-stress as much as possible, Indulging, is what maintains my sanity. We all deal with money problems, girlfriend drama, work stress or trying to figure out the male species (in which I think I pretty much have them figured out and I can report that the key is not to try to figure them out) but sometimes we just need to treat ourselves.  We deserve it.  I’ve been balancing my styling career, blog and my personal life for many years now and it’s not always the easiest thing in the world.  I know many of you out there are also juggling work, hobbies and maybe even a baby or two, so remember to treat yourself. You deserve it!

p.s. did I mention that right after this picture was taken Megan stuck a spoon in the milk chocolate? about indulgence!
PHILADELPHIA INDULGENCE is Real Chocolate blended with rich, 
creamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread.

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