My Margarita Happy Place

At Chili’s, the margarita is more than a drink, it’s a mindset. So when they asked me what my ‘Margarita Happy Place’ is.  What helps me wind down and reset? SHOPPING, of course!  (with a margarita in hand, it would be 10 times better)  Some women either like to shop alone and some prefer to go with girlfriends, I enjoy being alone.  I know what I like and I know what I want.  I know how to fit my body type and very rarely do I need someones opinion on whether or not I should buy or not.  This doesn't mean I don't ask their opinion when I'm ravishing through my closet at the last minute trying to pair an outfit together, because this has happened on more than one occasion.  I'm just a power shopper and it helps to clear my mind.  All I'm thinking about is the colors, the shape and the price tag.  I swear, the other stress I may have had earlier in the day or week, seems to melt away as the retail therapy takes effect.  Call me crazy, but it's true.

The perfect day for me would be to hit the shops then meet my gal pals for a margarita, or two... or three.

When you need an escape from the daily grind, or just a place to unwind with friends, go to your Margarita Place. Go to Chili’s. Our daily specials on margaritas & appetizers are the perfect excuse for you and your friends to get together after work. Premium margaritas, boneless buffalo wings and hanging out with friends at Chili’s—there’s no better way to end your day.

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